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Seasonal Load Limits

The ENDING DATE for the Spring Load Restrictions is Wednesday, April 22, 2015 at 12:01 AM.

Murray County will remove Spring Load Restrictions signs on Murray County Roads Wednesday April 22, 2015. This process will take most of the day, if the signs are inplace yet that road is still considered posted until the signs have been removed. Call 507-836-6327 if you have any questions.

Murray County load postings follow recommendations from the seasonal load limits set by MnDOT. They are typically inplace for 8 weeks, but may be longer depending on the opinion of the County Engineer and MnDOT. Bituminous surfaced roads are not considered posted lower until the Murray County Highway Department has installed the signs on that particular road, after the postings take effect.

All gravel surfaced roads are 5 ton roads during Seasonal Load Limits.

To view the Murray County Seasonal Load Posting Map Click on the link below.
Murray County Map

Click on the useful links below for more information about Seasonal Load Limits and any state wide updates.
MnDOT's Seasonal Load Limits Site
MnDOT's Notice

Keep the Roads Clean and Unobstructed

Keeping the Roads Clean and the Right of Ways Unobstructed

As farming season begins, the Murray County Commissioners and Murray County Township officials would like to remind farmers that planting crops within the right of way of a public road is a safety hazard – and against the law.

The highway right of way includes driving lanes, shoulders, ditches and sight corners at intersections.

Crops planted within a road right of way might obstruct the driver’s view of oncoming traffic. Visual obstructions created by unlawfully planted crops, such as corn, are especially dangerous and can become a misdemeanor.

Farming too close to the roadways can cause serious erosion issues which can affect proper drainage and clog culverts. Damage to the ditch system may jeopardize the shoulders and stability of the roadway itself.

There are safety concerns for the farmers as well. Utility companies are permitted to use the right of way to install gas, power, and fiber optic cables.    Plowing and tilling close to these can damage the lines which could become dangerous and create outages for consumers.

Plowing, tilling, and planting within the highway right of way and sight corners violates state law.  The county and township officials may maintain those rights of ways which may include mowing crops improperly planted in those areas.

In addition, roadways must remain clean of unnecessary amounts of mud or manure that may be tracked onto the roadway during the farming season.   If not cleared from the roadway, the landowner may be charged to properly remove the debris from the road bed.

To avoid any problems, landowners are encouraged to contact the county highway department or their local township official for more clarification.

Emergency Notification System

NEW Murray County's Emergency Notification System - Register Now
If you registered under the older code red version, you must re-register in order to to get the new weather warnings from the National Weather service.