Shetek Area Water and Sewer - April 15, 2003, Minutes

Shetek Area Water and Sewer Commission Minutes from the April 15, 2003

Meeting Present:  Corny Smit, Delores Sell, John McClure, John Mahrt, LeRoy Biren

 Support Staff Present:  Karen Onken, Chris Hansen 

Others Present: Lyle Onken, Russell Pilegaard


 The meeting was called to order but due to there not being a quorum no motions were made.   There was a discussion from the last meeting about publishing the minutes in the paper.  John McClure checked with both papers to see what the cost would be for publishing the monthly minutes.  The Wheel Herald charged $5.50 a column inch so an 8*11 page would run roughly $55.00.  The Murray County News charges $4.15 a column inch so an 8*11 page would run roughly $44.15.  This would be around $900 per year for publishing the minutes in the paper. 

 There are currently two vacancies on the board, Rick Clark’s position and Harold Graphenteen’s position.  Rick held the position of Secretary, so currently there is no Secretary for the Board.  This will be brought up at the next meeting.   Dean Salmon was contacted for filling Rick Clark’s position.  His name will be brought to the County Commissioners to be appointed. 

 The seasonal position has yet to be filled.  The next meeting will be May 13th at 3 p.m. The issue of doing a rural water survey was brought up.  At the previous meeting, we had discussed doing some type of survey to determine the need for rural water for the lakes area.  The intention was to charge the rural water companies if they wanted the survey data.  It was decided to hold off on the survey until a later date. 

John Mahrt arrived at 3:20 and a quorum was formed. 

  The minutes were reviewed.  A correction was made to state that the Secretary and Treasurer will read the minutes prior to providing them to the specified newspaper.

    → Motion (03-04-15a) Motion to approve the minutes with the noted correction was made John McClure seconded by John Mahrt.  All members voted in support of the motion. Chris stated that the Commission was in need of purchasing a roll of stamps. 

   → Motion (03-04-15b) Motion to approve the purchase of 100 stamps for $37.00 was made John Mahrt seconded by John McClure.  All members voted in support of the motion. Chris brought forward two current invoices.  One was from Bonestroo & Associates for the amount of  $528.53 for one meeting, mileage, and 2 hours of labor.  The other was from the Office of the State Auditor for auditing the records from 2001, this bill was $460.00.

   → Motion (03-04-15c) Motion to approve the above mentioned two invoices was made John McClure seconded by Corny Smit.  All members voted in support of the motion. 

Updates from the subcommittees:

The ordinance subcommittee has been meeting extensively and has the ordinances mostly complete and will be meeting today afterwards.  Dave stated he had talked with the County Attorney and he had stated that he would be willing to enforce the ordinances.The Finance subcommittee hasn’t reviewed much since Rick was head of that subcommittee and he has resigned.  The Plans & Specs subcommittee has developed a general page of plans & specs and felt that it would be best to leave them more general than to complicate them.  In this they had mentioned the 10 state standards, Chuck would bring a copy down next time he is at a meeting.   Discussion on the rural water survey issue.  The Commission has looked at the water issue before but decided to focus on the sewer issue. Miscellaneous – Rick and Harold have both resigned, we need to fill those vacancies, Dean Salmon would be willing to fill Rick’s position.  Karen and Chris will look to see what other people could fill Harold’s position.  We need someone who is able to make it to the meetings. 

    → Motion (03-04-15d) Motion to recommend Dean Salmon to be appointed to the Shetek Area Water & Sewer Commission was made Dave VanMeveren seconded by John McClure.  All members voted in support of the motion. Dave mentioned we still need to develop a timeline for the inspections around the lake.  Our attorney is checking if we need to have public hearings for the ordinances or not.  Corny stated he would fill Rick’s position on the finance subcommittee. 

 The Commission will need to meet with the Murray County Commissioners and the County Attorney May 13th at 7 p.m. 

Next meeting date May 13th 3 p.m. in the Government Center Meeting Room B. 

The meeting was adjourned. Minutes written and recorded by Chris Hansen.