Shetek Area Water and Sewer - July 23, 2003, Minutes

Shetek Area Water and Sewer CommissionMinutes from the July 23, 2003 Meeting 


Present: Larry Mechtenberg, Ted Haugen, LeRoy Biren, Dean Mc Daniel, Keith Johnson, Dave VanMeveren, John McClure


Absent: Dean Salmon


 Support Staff Present: Karen Onken, Chris Hansen, Chuck Schwartz and Mark Norgaard – Bonestroo & Associates 


Others Present: Lyle Onken


 The Meeting was called to order by John McClure. The two new members to the board, Larry Mechtenberg and Ted Haugen introduced themselves.

     → Motion (03-07-23a) Motion to accept Larry Mechtenberg’s appointment as a permanent member was made by Dave VanMeveren, seconded by Dean McDaniel.  All members voted in support of the motion. There are still two seasonal positions open.  Two people have asked to be appointed, they are Dave Marks and Steve Swanson.

    → Motion (03-07-23b) Motion to bring the two names to the Murray County Commissioners for appointment along with any other names that come in in the meantime was made by Dean McDaniel, seconded by Ted Haugen.  All members voted in support of the motion. The minutes were read and approved.

   → Motion (03-07-23c) Motion to approve the minutes from the July 8th meeting was made by Dean McDaniel, seconded by Dave VanMeveren.  All members voted in support of the motion. Chuck discussed the potential funding and how it is for the projects on the 2002 Project Priority List.  Fifteen million dollars was put into the Wastewater Infastructure Funding Program for the projects on the 2002 PPL.  We had ranked 35 but most of the projects before us have been funded.  The PFA has sent the letter stating that the project is eligible for WIF funding.  Certain things need to be sent with that letter for the funds like a resolution from the board wishing to pursue the funding.  The preliminary estimates figure from 5 to 7 million dollars from WIF.  The problem is the plans and specifications need to be in to the PCA by December 1st for review.  The rest of the project not covered by the zero interest loan would be covered by a low interest loan (2.5 to 3% interest rate). The Board needs to start a dialog with the City of Currie pertaining to the treatment ponds.  From the $500,000 the County has agreed to loan us, $400,000 would be for the design of the collection system and the remaining $100,000 would be used for the design of the treatment ponds.  Because of how the original plan was put together, we received a much higher ranking because we were combining with Currie, therefore the system still needs to hook to Currie’s system.  In the past, Currie has been in favor of us hooking in to their system.  Currie’s ponds were designed for this system to hook in.  The cost of the plans and specifications are part of the entire project cost. Originally thirteen strategies for wastewater treatment were looked at, the centralized system was the most economical.  The engineering firm at the time turned that into a facility plan.  The question was brought up that the Water and Sewer Commission decided not to pursue the centralized system any more.  The Water and Sewer Commission decided not to move forward until funding became available.  John McClure stated that this board has tried to do what’s best for the lake area. In a couple of weeks we should be getting an estimate for the possibility of funding.  Once the August 15th deadline is reached they should know exactly how much funding each project shall receive.  Lyle Onken stated that if no funding is available the project could stop midway if that is what is wanted. Dean Salmon was called at the hospital and put on speaker phone.  There was a discussion on the funding of the project.

    → Motion (03-07-23d) Motion to spend five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000) and to approve to move forward with the plans and specifications for the centralized sewer project around the lakes area was made by Dean Salmon, seconded by Larry Mechtenberg.  Discussion – Dean Salmon asked if the project doesn’t move forward, will only the lake residents be held responsible for the $500,000?  No, the entire County will be.  The funding estimate should be available in a few weeks.  Dean McDaniel stated we should get the okay from Currie before moving forward.  Chuck explained that a letter of intent was received from Currie in the previous years.  The ponds will be built separately but will have the same discharge point.   Keith Johnson arrived at 2:55. Ted Haugen asked if we will continue to stay the same ranking on the PPL?  Chuck answered that projects could still be funded ahead of us. The vote is called.  All those in favor of the motion:  Dean Salmon, John McClure, Larry Mechtenberg, LeRoy Biren, Dave VanMeveren, Keith Johnson.  Those opposed to the motion: Dean McDaniel, Ted Haugen.  Motion carried. Chuck will be getting in touch with Currie to set up a meeting with them.

      → Motion (03-07-23e) Motion to pay the Lake Shetek Lutheran Bible Camp $50 for the use of their facilities for the Public Informational Meeting was made by Ted Haugen, seconded by Dave VanMeveren.  All members voted in support of the motion. 

    → Motion (03-07-23f) Motion to rescind the Motion (03-06-03e) on the posting of the Ordinances was made by Dean McDaniel, seconded by Dave VanMeveren.  All members voted in support of the motion. Karen stated that there will be an issue with the old septic systems that are needed to be upgraded this year.  The Shetek CWP loan funds will expire at the end of 2003. 

    → Motion (03-07-23g) Motion to recommend to the Murray County Commissioners that the Shetek Area Water and Sewer residents won’t be required to upgrade their septic systems until it is decided whether or not to move forward with the centralized sewer system was made by LeRoy Biren, seconded by Keith Johnson.  All members voted in support of the motion. The Ordinance subcommittee will be meeting before the next meeting and will bring the finalized Ordinances to the Commission at the next scheduled meeting for their approval.

 The next scheduled meeting will be for August 13th, at 1 p.m. Meeting adjourned.  

Minutes written and recorded by Chris Hansen.