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Murray County Home Initiative

MC Home Initiative
SLAYTON – Beginning in January 2023, those who construct a new single-family home, duplex or multi-family complex in Murray County could be eligible for a tax abatement for up to five years.

Murray County Commissioners in August approved the Murray County Home Initiative, which offers a tax abatement on the county’s portion of increased real estate taxes that are a result of new home construction.

The real estate taxes to be abated would be for up to the full amount of the real estate taxes collected from added tax base of the new construction. Real estate taxes collected for the value of the land or other current structures are not eligible for tax abatement.

Criteria to apply for the program includes:

  • The property must be located in Murray County;
  • The project must be built according to current building code;
  • Approval of abatement request must be obtained prior to the start of construction;
  • Property taxes must be current and paid on time.

The abatement will be issued in the form of a check from Murray County at the end of each year for five years.

Each abatement application must go to the county commissioners for approval, and property owners are responsible for the cost of publishing requirements for a public hearing that would take place during a commissioner meeting.

More information, the Murray County Home Initiative guidelines, application process and a sample letter of request can be found on the Murray County website under Economic Development or HERE. All requests should be made to EDA Coordinator Justine Wettschreck at jwettschreck@co.murray.mn.us or call 507-836-6023.

Abatements will not be available for construction that took place or begins before January 2, 2023, and applicant abatement requests must be approved before the construction process starts.