2500 28th Street - PO Box 57 - Slayton, MN 56172

Lake Wilson

Welcome to the friendly, country life of the City of Lake Wilson. We encourage you to check us out in person. Come live in our community as we have several nice houses at very affordable prices for you to choose from. Make us your next home community. Several of our residents drive to Pipestone, Slayton, or Marshall for employment, but enjoy the small city-country living here.

Lake Wilson is located in the western part of Murray County, 12 miles west of the county seat, Slayton, on Highways 30 and 91. The town has a population of 319.

In 1883 the Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis, and Omaha Railway located the new town on the banks, of what was then called, Sand Lake. The town and the lake were to receive the name Lake Wilson, named after its promoter, Jonathan E. Wilson. The village was incorporated June 23, 1900.

The history and development of this small community has always been dependent on the weather. Two disasters that almost destroyed Lake Wilson were the fire of 1911 and the tornado of 1992.

Like so many other towns in Southwest Minnesota agriculture remains the largest industry in the area. Lake Wilson offers over thirty businesses and organizations to Murray County.

When talking about Lake Wilson, the game of baseball has to be mentioned. From the first games that were played in 1883 against the Woodstock “Woodchucks” to the 1998 Lake Wilson Bisons, baseball has prevailed and still remains a form of popular entertainment.

Education has always been in the forefront of the community. Over the years the Lake Wilson School system has seen many changes. It started with a one-room school to three consolidations of school districts.

Through out the years, Lake Wilson’s diversity of ethnic and religious backgrounds have maintain three churches that serve the community.