2500 28th Street - PO Box 57 - Slayton, MN 56172

Ambulance/First Responder Coverage

Ambulance (call 911 for emergencies)

Fulda:  Roger Zins, 507-360-0344
Murray County Ambulance:  Jennifer Kirchner, 507-836-1378
Other ambulance service that can cover Murray County include Edgerton, Balaton, Pipestone, Tracy, Tyler, Walnut Grove and Westbrook.

First Responder Units
Chandler: Kyle Voss
Lake Shetek: Luke Radke, Jayme Johnson
Lake Wilson: Andy and Sonja Beek
Iona Cass Claus

Ambulance Coverage Map

To find Emergency Facilities, Healthcare Facilites or Schools and Shelters in Murray County, visit the Critical Infrastructure page.