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MCHI Application Instructions

Murray County Home Initiative

Application for abatement instructions

  1. Letter requesting abatement for eligible projects addressed to the Murray County Economic Development Coordinator – example can be found here
  2. Legal description of the subject property, including address and property identification number. The legal description can be found on the recorded deed, which can be obtained at the Murray County Recorder’s Office. Address and property ID number can be found on property tax statements. If you do not have a current statement, one can be obtained at the Murray County Assessor’s Office.
  1. A site plan and construction plans for the proposed project – this should be obtained on your own or from your contractor/builder.
  2. Estimate of new home value based on construction cost and value of comparable properties – this should be obtained on your own or from contractor/builder.
  3. A copy of the zoning/building permit application if required by the city of township where property is located – township or the city of Hadley permits can be obtained through the Murray County Environmental Services Office. Other city permits should be obtained through the city where property is located.
  4. For properties located outside of city limits, a copy of the application for septic or sewer permit is required from the Environmental Services Office regarding setback permits and septic systems – can be obtained through Murray County Environmental Services Office.

For any questions regarding the application process, contact Murray County EDA Coordinator Justine Wettschreck at 507-836-6023 or email jwettschreck@co.murray.mn.us

Adopted 08/26/2022