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Rental/Redevelopment Program

Do you own rental property that needs some updating? Or are you looking to redevelop an unoccupied dwelling? The Murray County EDA Rental/Redevelopment Program could be right for you. 

The program opens the first business day of January, and is a first-come, first-served low interest loan for rehabilitating rental or redevelopment homes in Murray County.

Borrowers (landlord/property owner) must supply a 1:1 match of private funds. Rentals of 3 or fewer units are eligible for up to $20,000. Rentals of 4 units or more are eligible up to $30,000.

Entire guidelines and application can be found in the left links. For more information, contact Justine Wettschreck at 507-836-6023 or email jwettschreck@co.murray.mn.us.

Reminder - these funds are first-come, first-served each year, so get applications in early!