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Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission Information

Parks and Recreation Commission

The mission of the Murray County Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission is to advise the Murray County Board of Commissioners on the best ways to create, sustain and preserve excellent parks, trails, and open spaces in order to enrich lives of Murray County residents and visitors by providing high quality recreation and education opportunities in harmony with natural resource preservation and stewardship.


The meetings typically take place at 5:30 p.m. on the third Thursday of every other month in Conference Room B of the Murray County Government Center or at one of the Park Facilities depending on specific projects.  If you wish to know about a specific meeting or to have an item placed on the agenda for discussion, please contact Amy Rucker at 507-836-6023.

Parks and Recreation Commission Members



Term Expires


Murray County Parks  Justin Hoffmann, Parks Director N/A  507-227-3925
District 1  VACANT 2021  
District 2  LeRoy Reese 2021  507-760-1630
District 3  Rae Ann Storm 2019  507-421-0762
District 4  Tom Kappes 2020  
District 5  Les Speckmier 2020  507-360-4603
Commissioner  Dave Thiner N/A  507-360-1199
Commissioner  James Jens N/A  507-829-6485


Parks and Recreation Commission Ex-Officio Members



Amy Rucker
Economic Development Director
Jean Christoffels
Zoning/Environmental Administrator



  • Click HERE for a copy of the Parks and Recreation Commission Bylaws.

Meeting Minutes

  • Click HERE for the minutes from the Parks and Recreation Commission

Capital Improvement Plan

  • Click HERE to review a copy of the short- and long-term plans (5 years and 10 years)

Ordinance and Rules

Aeration Maps

The following lakes in Murray County are aerated.   The map indicated the approximate location on the lake where the aerators are in operation and are marked with THIN ICE signs.