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Iona Township Board

Meeting Date: 1st Wednesday
Meeting Time: 8:00 P.M.
Meeting Location: Iona Community Hall

Iona Township History

T105N R41W
April 13, 1880

Iona is located on the lower middle tier of Murray County, with Nobles County located on its southern border, Fenton Township on the west, Leeds Township on the north, and Bondin Township on the east. The township was originally named “Anderson” in honor of John Anderson who settled on Bader Lake in 1872. Later the township was renamed “Iona,” the name of the community located in the township. Iona was named for the Isle of Iona west of Scotland.

In 1878, a year after the railroad was established, Father McDonald, who was a native of Ireland, bought 5000 acres of railroad land. This sale was negotiable by Bishop John Ireland. This enterprise brought many Catholic settlers to the area. The development of the town and the township has been contributed to Father McDonald and his brother, Michael. Father McDonald built a house where Iona now stands. In time, a few settlers began to cluster around his home, and the town was platted. Father McDonald was the first spiritual advisor, teacher and businessman in the area. He also became the first postmaster

In 1880, the Home of the Sacred Heart for Orphans was erected. This was a school for homeless boys from Boston and Philadelphia.

The communities of Iona and Wirock are located in this township. Wirock is located in two townships; Bondin, Section 19 and Iona, Section 24.